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Transport Wash Systems have been instrumental in upgrading our depot to a fully automated, water recycling, drive through bus wash system. I recommend them for this kind of work.
Joseph Sita

Manager, Sita Coaches

The bus and coach industry in Australia and New Zealand is competitive. A small group of dedicated players working hard to deliver great value to their customers. Gains in efficiency are needed and sought at every turn. Hence the need for automated bus wash systems.

These systems streamline vehicle maintenance, free up capable personnel to do more important jobs, recycle water and keep your vehicles and your brand looking their best. Even if you have a smaller fleet we have small fleet wash systems to suit your needs.

Types Of Bus Wash Systems

Gantry Bus Wash
  • Wash Speed 45% 45%
  • Range of Vehicle Types 85% 85%
  • Wash Quality 85% 85%
  • Budget Friendly 90% 90%
Hybrid Bus Wash
  • Wash Speed 80% 80%
  • Range of Vehicle Types 65% 65%
  • Wash Quality 75% 75%
  • Budget Friendly 65% 65%
Wrap-around bus wash
  • Wash Speed 80% 80%
  • Range of Vehicle Types 55% 55%
  • Wash Quality 90% 90%
  • Budget Friendly 60% 60%
Touchless Bus Wash
  • Wash Speed 90% 90%
  • Range of Vehicle Types 95% 95%
  • Wash Quality 45% 45%
  • Budget Friendly 55% 55%

Options for smaller fleets

Click here to see bus wash systems for smaller fleets including the range of mobile single brush wash systems

  • Lower Capital Requirment
  • Fully Mobile Options
  • Quality Wash
  • Lower Water Consumption Than Pressure Washers
  • Fast and Easy to Use

More About Bus Wash Options for Small Fleets

Gantry Bus Wash – Tammermatic Ultima

The Rainbow Ultima gantry from Tammermatic is the Swiss Army Knife of bus wash systems. Clever design and years of experience have resulted in a system that gives small to medium bus owners the best bang for your buck possible.

Designed and manufactured in Finland and supplied and serviced in Australia and New Zealand by Transport Wash Systems, the Rainbow Ultima is an impressive piece of smart engineering designed to keep your bus fleet clean and well maintained.

All Ultima systems utilise advanced control software to detect the position of the parked vehicle and wash it using a variety of programmable wash recipes that include pre-soaks, detergents, low pressure jets and rotating brushes. The brushes use load sensing technology to ensure that undue stress is not placed on your vehicle.

The ‘Oscillating Ultima’ adds oscillating high pressure jets which take cleaning to the next level and give the system the ability to wash unusually shaped vehicles. Because these jets are constantly moving they pose no threat to seals or other sensitive areas as they only point at one place for a fraction of a second.

These systems can be installed to use fresh or recycled water and come with the following options:

  • High pressure oscillating jets
  • Wheel and chassis wash
  • Separate chemical and rinse arches for speed

Great ROI

Incredible value for money


Small footprint area

Compact systems for when space is at a premium

Quality Built

Manufactured in Finland to exacting quality standards


Bus stands still

Driver can take a break while the machine does the work

Great Clean

Combination of brushes and jets results in a great quality clean

Hybrid Bus Wash – InterClean

Because many urban bus operators have bicycle racks or similar on the front and rear of their buses, hybrid bus wash systems use brushes for the sides and high pressure jets front and rear to deal with more complex shapes. Such systems have become popular due to their rapid throughput rate (washing a vehicle within 1 – 3 minutes), an excellent all round clean and versatility to wash any kind of bus.


  • Blowers
  • Various Brush Material Options
  • Reverse Osmosis Rinse
  • Fresh or recycled water

Deals with some complexity

Cleans with jets front and rear so can handle bike/stroller racks


Popular with urban fleets

A high quality wash mixed with some versatility makes this a popular system

High Productivity

The ability to wash a lot of buses, quickly makes this system popular with large fleet owners

Washing Bus Bike Rack

Wrap-Around Bus Wash – InterClean

These systems give the best wash quality overall using brushes on all sides of the vehicle while maintaining rapid throughput. Utilising world leading design and industrial controls these bus wash systems are very impressive to see in action.


  • Blowers
  • Foam Brushes
  • Reverse Osmosis Final Rinse
  • Fresh or recycled water
Wrap-Around Bus Wash Systems

Quality clean, minimum time

Highest quality clean in shortest amount of time

The Premium System

Ideal for big bus fleets that need to look excellent, fast


Bus never stops

Driver simply drives slowly through the washbay


Brushes all sides

With XJ Wrap-around technology, this system brushes all sides of the bus for the best clean possible


Clever XJ wrap-around design ensures brushes always swing out of the way

Touchless Bus Wash

Properly setup, a touchless wash is extremely versatile but doesn’t clean to the same level as the other systems that utilise brushes.

Not so popular with companies that only want to wash buses but worth considering as a highly flexible system that can wash basically any vehicle shape to a reasonable degree.

We have a touchless wash setup that cleans everything from logging trucks to earthmoving machinery to buses and work utes. It is versatile but, if you are just washing buses, some of the options above are probably better suited to your business.

Touchless Bus Wash Systems
CentriSpinners - Bus Wash


Four to eight minute wash time


Will wash all kinds of vehicles/shapes

Low Maintenance

Fewer moving parts simplifies maintenance of the wash system

Leading Technology

These systems use world-leading touchless washing technology

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