Demuck & Large Wheel Wash Systems

Something of a speciality of ours, these de-muck systems are focussed on removing mud and heavy grime from off-highway vehicles like log trucks and mine site equipment. These systems frequently remove 500kg of mud off a single truck in just a few minutes.

Many fleets are reaping the rewards of de-mucking their vehicles automatically.

A tried and true design that throws thousands of litres of recycled water knocking off mud and debris making maintenance easier, lowering tare weights and keeping your fleet looking respectable. The system saves hundreds of hours of labour and lets the team focus on what they do best.

Tethered single brush bus wash system

Heavy Duty Demuck

From removing large volumes of mud from logging trucks to coal dust, red dirt and everything in between, our heavy duty demuck systems make maintenance easy for all manner of heavy machinery. Water recycling and high performance come standard. A cost effective long term solution for keeping your hard working fleet well maintained.

Large Demuck

Ideal for mine sites, quarries, landfills and other heavy traffic areas that need a quick and effective solution to remove solids from vehicles. These systems can be custom designed to meet our customer’s needs. Generally water recycling by default and always built for years of reliable service, our wheel wash and LV wash systems set the benchmark.

Tethered single brush bus wash system

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