EasyWash 50E

3 Phase single brush bus and truck wash system

An extremely cost effective solution for washing trucks and buses, the 50E is simple yet robust. An ideal solution if you have a covered washbay (supply hose and cables attached to ceiling mounted festoon).


  • Electrically driven brush
  • Overhead festoon to manage connections


The 50E single brush has proven to be an efficient and reliable way to wash our buses. The support from Transport Wash Systems, particularly the willingness to provide operator training, has added considerably to the overall value proposition and we’re really happy with the result.

Bernard Pavlovich

Director, Pavlovich Coachlines

The machine saves us a lot of time and makes it easy to keep our fleet clean

Alister Mcdermott

Director, Mcrdermott Coachlines

Total Height mm 4300
Washing Height mm 4200
Brush Diameter mm 1000
Base Plate mm 1110 X 1200
Weight Kg 220
Brush Motor Kw 1.5
Brush Tilt Manual
Electrical 16A 3phase
Water Connection mm 12
Water Pressure 4 to 5 bar
Flowrate (LPM) 20 to 30

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