Vehicle Biosecurity Wash Systems

With biological control becoming more important in our interconnected world, quickly cleaning and disinfecting vehicles is an absolute necessity. We have set up vehicle biosecurity wash systems for containment of:

  • Asbestos
  • Kauri Dieback
  • Weed and Seed
  • Lake Snow
  • M Bovis

Among others

BioSecurity Wash Systems in New Zealand

New Zealand’s unique ecology and strong economic dependency on the agriculture and tourism sectors mean that the island nation has a lot to protect when it comes to introduced pests and species. Part of this process involves ensuring that vehicles can be cleaned quickly and efficiently so that potential vectors for pests and diseases into, and around the country, can be reliably removed.

Weed And Seed Control – Australia

Ensuring that weeds are not transported and spread by vehicles in many parts of Australia is now a big priority. There is now a network of vehicle washdown facilities in place and it is something that local bodies take very seriously. The need to for quick vehicle washdown with minimum hassle is a need, one that is met by Transport Wash System’s equipment packages.

Case Study: World Trade Centre

The aftermath of the World Trade Center terrorist attack created environmental cross-contamination and track-out problems similar to those faced today by most landfills, mines and quarries.

The American EPA and the environmental contractors doing the clean-up work turned to InterClean to provide biosecurity wash systems for the site. The tire wash systems were due to be operational within three weeks after the first contact by the EPA.

The ground zero tire washers were built and installed in record time and washed vehicles in record numbers, over 2,000 each day.

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