Fortress Side Discharge Modular

The Fortress Side Discharge Modular wheel wash is essentially the Explorer Wheel Wash but with the tray beneath discharging to one side and the pump mounted remotely in the pit.

This mobile wheel wash can be set up to have vehicles enter from either direction.

Available for purchase

This unit is for you if:

  • You have constrained space
  • Want lowest long term maintenance
  • Want easy extraction of settled solids
  • Good value on compact higher throughput sites.


Easy Wheel Wash System
Side Discharge Wheel Wash

Simple to deploy

Integrated design means lower total project cost.

Long term reliability

Our customers are impressed at the resilience of these units

Wheel Wash System Install
Wedge Pit Example
Fortress Wheel Wash Foundation

Setup requires:

  • Setting machine in foundations (drawings provided)
  • Connecting plumbing between pumps (provided) and base frame
  • Connecting 35KVA of 3phase power into the machine’s control panel (supplied)
  • Connecting top up line
  • Adjusting timers to suit your site

More Info Coming Soon

All our wheel wash systems can be doubled up for additional cleaning capacity.

These systems are also available in heavy duty/reinforced structure for heavier vehicles. Additional oversize options also allow for off-highway vehicles. Talk to us about wheel and chassis wash systems on a budget.

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