Explorer Compact Wheel Wash

Explorer Mobile Wheel Wash

The Explorer mobile wheel wash is a quick and cost effective solution to washing vehicles on your site. With no civil works required you can be up and running very fast.

This mobile wheel wash can be set up to have vehicles enter from either direction. A fully automated, portable wheel wash system that executes a rapid wash and requires no pit for installation making it highly portable and cost effective for your project.

Available for purchase or lease

This unit is for you if:

  • You have constrained space
  • Require portability (frequently moving sites etc)
  • Are unable to put in civil works
  • For higher traffic situations (Quarries and Landfills) see the Sentinel Modular Wheel Wash or consider adding an additional settling pit to the side of the Explorer – call for a diagram.
Explorer Compact Wheel Wash
Explorer Wheel Wash Dimensions

We should have bought one years ago

Corey Bodley

Bodley Construction

Available For Hire

Get an Explorer Wheel Wash on your site on a month by month basis.

Purchase Outright

Add an asset to your inventory that gives you flexibility now and for future projects too.

Compact Mobile Wheel Wash
Explorer Compact Wheel Wash
Setup requires:

  • Setting the machine in place on firm ground
  • Placing the rumble-grid heavy duty ramps
  • Connecting 35KVA of 3phase power into the machine’s control panel
  • 25mm freshwater top-up line
    While the Explorer attempts to recycle as much water as possible, evaporation and track-out of some water is inevitable.

All our mobile wheel wash systems can be doubled up for additional cleaning capacity.

These systems are also available in heavy duty/reinforced structure for heavier vehicles. Additional oversize options also allow for off-highway vehicles. Talk to us about wheel and chassis wash systems on a budget.

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