Sentinel Self Cleaning Wheel Wash

The Sentinel is a fully automated self cleaning wheel wash system. This unit is designed to be installed in areas with minimum available space. It has a built in scraper conveyor which extracts settled solids from the settling chamber for easy disposal.

The 6bar 1000l/min pump along with well placed chassis and wheel jets mean it does a great job of cleaning for the small space it occupies. Settling chamber volume is six cubic meters (10m²).

This unit is for you if:

  • You have constrained space
  • Need larger water recycling capacity than the Explorer Wheel Wash
  • You need automated solids extraction
  • Have a high volume of vehicles per day (up to 1400 over an 8 hour period)

The Sentinel is available in either 3 bar or 6 bar configurations.

Sentinel Wheel Wash Dimensions
Sentinel Truck Wheel Cleaning
Self Cleaning Wheel Wash no truck
truck on Sentinel
Jets on, Sentinel wheel wash

All our wheel wash systems can be doubled up for additional cleaning capacity and higher vehicle throughput speeds.

These systems are also available in heavy duty/reinforced structure for heavier vehicles. Additional oversize options also allow for off-highway vehicles. Talk to us about wheel and chassis wash systems on a budget.

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