Sentinel Self Cleaning Wheel Wash

The Sentinel is a fully automated self cleaning wheel wash system. This unit is designed to be installed in areas with minimum available space. It has a built in scraper conveyor which extracts settled solids from the settling chamber for easy disposal.

The 6bar 1000l/min pump along with well placed chassis and wheel jets mean it does a great job of cleaning for the small space it occupies. Settling chamber volume is six cubic meters (10m²).

This unit is for you if:

  • You have constrained space
  • Need larger water recycling capacity than the Explorer Wheel Wash
  • You need automated solids extraction
  • Have a high volume of vehicles per day (up to 1400 over an 8 hour period)

The Sentinel is available in either 3 bar or 6 bar configurations.

Sentinel Wheel Wash Dimensions
Sentinel Truck Wheel Cleaning
Self Cleaning Wheel Wash no truck
truck on Sentinel
Jets on, Sentinel wheel wash

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