Drive-through Bus Wash Systems

Wrap-Around Bus Wash System

These systems allow rapid throughput while still scrubbing front and rear of the vehicle using the clever swing arm design. Utilising world leading design and industrial controls these bus wash systems are very impressive to see in action. The example on the right only has rear brushes and utilises high pressure for cleaning the front and top of the buses.


  • Blowers
  • Foam Brushes
  • Reverse Osmosis Final Rinse
  • Fresh or recycled water
Greenline Wraparound Wash System

Quality clean, minimum time

Highest quality clean in shortest amount of time

The Premium System

Ideal for big bus fleets that need to look excellent, fast


Bus never stops

Driver simply drives slowly through the washbay


Brushes all sides

With XJ Wrap-around technology, this system brushes all sides of the bus for the best clean possible


Clever XJ wrap-around design ensures brushes always swing out of the way

Deals with some complexity

Cleans with jets front and rear so can handle bike/stroller racks


Popular with urban fleets

A high quality wash mixed with some versatility makes this a popular system

High Productivity

The ability to wash a lot of buses, quickly makes this system popular with large fleet owners

  • Wash Speed 95% 95%
  • Range of Vehicle Types 55% 55%
  • Wash Quality 80% 80%
  • Budget Friendly 55% 55%

There are many different forms of hybrid bus wash but here are two of the best.

On the left, the Omega Wash Fast configuration incorporates all the engineered beauty of the Omega Wash System into a bus wash that is partially drive through and therefore only takes up an 8m washbay length. It is excellent value to get a drive through system our of a mass manufactured design!

Because many urban bus operators have bicycle racks or similar on the front and rear of their buses, hybrid bus wash systems use brushes for the sides and high pressure jets front and rear to deal with more complex shapes. Such systems have become popular due to their rapid throughput rate (washing a vehicle within 1 – 3 minutes), an excellent all round clean and versatility to wash any kind of bus.
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