Gantry/Rollover Bus Wash Systems

The Omega Wash is the Swiss Army Knife of gantry bus wash systems. This modular design keeps costs down for you, the fleet owner while giving you a durable system that has been installed at hundreds of locations worldwide. A recent local install is Ritchies Coachlines, Auckland

All Omega Wash systems utilise a dedicated VSD for every brush allowing the computer to measure current draw in real time and instantly adjust brush pressure.

A huge range of options are available for the Omega Wash:

  • Water recycling system
  • High pressure rotating jets for hard to reach places
  • Energy chain supply system
  • Chassis and underbody wash module
  • Remote control
  • Service and maintenance contracts

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Need something smaller? Checkout singlebrush bus wash systems.

Got a HEAP of buses to wash? Checkout drivethrough bus wash systems

Gantry/Rollover Bus Wash – OmegaWash Plan and Configurations
Bus Wash Plan
Gantry Bus Wash

OmegaWash as Drivethrough System

Hybrid Bus Wash

The Omega Wash Fast configuration incorporates all the engineered beauty of the Omega Wash System into a bus wash that is partially drive through and therefore only takes up a short washbay length (see plan below). It is excellent value to get a drive through system from of a mass manufactured design!

Ideal for depots with a dedicated bus washing/refueling team, the OmegaWash Fast reduces wash time to around 3 minutes and saves on depot space.


  • Various Brush Material Options
  • Reverse Osmosis Rinse
  • Water recycling systems
OmegaWash as Drivethrough System Plan and Configurations
Hybrid Bus Wash Plan
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