Heavy Machinery Washdown

This heavy machinery washdown system uses recycled water to make life easier for washing mining equipment and cleaning all manner of heavy earthmoving machinery.

Run from a single VSD controlled pump, the system automatically adapts to whatever nozzle gets opened and delivers the right flow and pressure automatically.

Developed with input from Caterpillar heavy machinery technicians, the Heavy Machinery Washdown turns a sticky, slow and dangerous job into a breeze. All while recycling water and being environmentally sensitive.

Washing Digger
Machinery Washdown Bay

Cost Effective Machinery Washing

People sometimes mistakenly think that a wheel wash system will blow the mud out of excavator and bulldozer tracks. Or that a pressure washer will somehow do the job. However, if you have ever cleaned really muddy, heavy machinery yourself, you will know that you need high volume water to get the job done in minutes rather than hours.

Hence our water recycling heavy machinery washdown is just what you need.

  • Single VSD controlled pump capable of 750lpm @75psi through one cannon
  • Can run one hose at a time if necessary. Pump will automatically compensate to suit.
  • Easy operation, just open a nozzle and start cleaning!
  • Water recycling capability comes standard.
Blasting Mud Off

This is 10X faster than spending hours with a spade and pressure washer!

Someone who washed a digger

Robotic Washdown Monitor

Need to really step it up? need to throw serious volume and pressure such that you can’t have people around? You need to consider a robotic washdown monitor.

Full programmable and ultra reliable, gain serious hitting power without the risk of having anyone in the vicinity.

A quarter million views of this unit on our youtube channel shows it definately gets people’s attention.

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