Military Vehicle Wash Systems

The United States Army operates the largest, most sophisticated military vehicle wash systems ever designed and installed, and only one company could provide them – InterClean. Transport Wash Systems are the InterClean distributor for Australia and New Zealand.

In 2012 InterClean Commissioned a first of its kind Automatic Drive Through STRYKER wash package. Utilising standard InterClean components this wash system can completely wash an armoured STRYKER & HEMMT vehicle in 5 minutes. The STRYKER wash system recycles 90% of the wash water used utilising the InterClean patented water filtration system. This type of system has now been installed in several locations worldwide with huge success at removing heavy mud and debris in a single pass.

InterClean has installed numerous wash systems for the U.S. Military all over the world. We offer customised solutions to meet the requirements of the largest fleet in the world.

Engineered site specific drawing packages with each project, InterClean have over 1000 heavy duty wash systems installed worldwide.

Whatever your vehicles, these InterClean touchless military wash systems can handle them. Wash a Stryker tank in one cycle then wash a Hummer in the very next cycle. Extremely versatile, extremely rapid and extremely robust.

Mobile Military Vehicle Wash Systems

Military operations in Australia and New Zealand face harsh conditions and uniquely abrasive materials and soiling. These are operations that strive to operate with great efficiency, representing the pioneering nations that they come from. Having efficient wash systems that can handle this harsh environment and will keep the wheels (or tracks) turning on military hardware is critical.

Through these globally proven systems, Transport Wash Systems offer efficiency and reliability here and now and the support to keep it going.

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