Workshop Truck Hoists

Make heavy equipment maintenance easier with workshop truck hoists.

Both wired and wireless versions available. Save on the compliance costs of pits, keep your site flexible and have easy and safe access to your vehicles.

Place the vehicle at multiple heights for working on brake assemblies etc or at full height for underbody work.

If your workshop is full you can use the hoists outside or move them to one side making space for other activities in your workshop bays.

Workshop Truck Hoists

Wireless Workshop Truck Hoists

Add the flexibility and safety of wireless workshop hoists to your site. Certified to Aus/NZ standards and built to last. Inca hoists are great value for money and easy to use.

7,500kg/column (30t/4 column set) configurations, these wireless workshop lifts can also be configured as a set of 6 with up to 45t capacity.

24v DC wireless units are extremely reliable and easy to use. Lifting/lowering can be controlled from any post or by optional remote control.

The Inca Lifts have been a versatile and reliable contribution to our operations – good value.

Dion McMurdo

Transport Engineering Southland

  • Individual, paired and synchronised operation options
  • Siemens PLC computer and rotating encoder
  • Adjustable lifting forks
  • Pallet jack system allows easy movement
  • LCD screen provides multiple settings and control
  • Independent locking, control and E-stop on every column


Download Brochure: Inca Wireless Hoists Brochure


3 Phase Workshop Hoists

3 Phase (Cable) Workshop Truck Hoists

If you want the flexibility of the wireless hoists but are willing to put up with cables between columns then these three phase units could be for you.

Mechanically simpler than the wireless units and accordingly priced, the 3 phase hoists use a screw lift system to safely and reliably do the lift work. This system has proven itself in the harsh environments of Western Australian mine workshops and will be a cost effective investment on your site.


  • Strictly complies with Australia and New Zealand design regulation 1418.9 (1996) and certified by Worksafe Australia.
  • Each column fitted with high quality CE marked electronics and 3X pressure sensitive limit switches that halt any further operation once triggered
  • Flashing light in all columns warns people nearby of movement
  • All columns can be controlled independently or in synchronisation

Download Brochure: Inca 3-phase Hoists Brochure



  • Axle StandsLift your vehicle and place it on certified stands to make your hoists available elsewhere
    • 7,500kg per stand
  • Powertrain Hoist
    Make lifting and fitting gearboxes and engines a breeze

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