Truck Wash Systems

Truck wash systems are about efficiency. Efficient use of water, efficient use of time, efficient use of capital.

We supply these systems to help truck operators in Australia and New Zealand succeed by helping their fleet look its best, decrease long term costs of ownership, minimise impact on the environment and keep the wheels turning.

Options for every fleet size including smaller fleets, huge fleets and everything in between. We can even help you set up a commercial truck wash business.

Types Of Truck Wash System

  • Wash Speed 60% 60%
  • Range of Vehicle Types 85% 85%
  • Wash Quality 80% 80%
  • Budget Friendly 90% 90%
  • Wash Speed 55% 55%
  • Range of Vehicle Types 90% 90%
  • Wash Quality 90% 90%
  • Budget Friendly 80% 80%
  • Wash Speed 90% 90%
  • Range of Vehicle Types 90% 90%
  • Wash Quality 75% 75%
  • Budget Friendly 70% 70%
  • Wash Speed 80% 80%
  • Range of Vehicle Types 85% 85%
  • Wash Quality 85% 85%
  • Budget Friendly 65% 65%

Options for smaller fleets

Click here to see wash system options for smaller fleets including the range of mobile single brush wash systems

  • Lower Capital Requirment
  • Fully Mobile Options
  • Quality Wash
  • Lower Water Consumption Than Pressure Washers
  • Fast and Easy to Use

More About Truck Wash Options for Small Fleets

Standard OmegaWash

A fully automated gantry based truck wash system that simply requires you to park the vehicle in the right place and hit “GO”. It takes around eight to fifteen minutes to wash the average Auzzie/NZ truck combination and does so using presoaks, detergents side and top brushes (top brush is optional) and freshwater rinse.

Built with heavy galvanised frames and stainless steel componentry. Industry leading sensors and controls mean it is a robust unit designed for year after year of reliable truck washing.

  • All brushes have their own inverter for ultra-sensitive control
    As far as we know, no other manufacturer bothers to do this.
  • Thorough application of biodegradable wash chems
  • Freshwater rinse cycle
  • Heavy galvanised frame for long term durability
  • Multiple programmable “recipes” for up to 40 different vehicle types

Additional options include:

  • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Chassis wash unit
  • Hydrocell diaphragm pumps for recycled water
  • Energy chain or festoon supply system
  • Custom decals
  • Wireless remote control
Standard Ultima Truck Wash

High Pressure OmegaWash

Utilising all the powerful sensing and brush technology of the Standard OmegaWash (above) the High Pressure OmegaWash includes high pressure rotating jets ensuring that as much of the vehicle as possible gets cleaned. This is helpful for tankers and other unusually shaped vehicles that cannot be cleaned by brushes alone.

If you haven’t yet learned the hard way, it is not a good idea to point a fixed high pressure jet at a truck. You could upset seals and electronics. That is why our systems are either low pressure or, when utilising high pressure, have constantly moving (rotating) jets

All the functionality of the Standard OmegaWash with the added benefit of rotating high pressure jets to clean hard to reach places and unusual shapes.

If you have a big range of vehicle shapes in your fleet, perhaps the High Pressure OmegaWash is for you.

Drive Through Truck Wash

In the challenging industry of Australian and NZ heavy transport there is no time for stuffing around. The average heavy vehicle fleet has many different vehicle types. For this reason, drive-through touchless systems were designed to cope with diverse vehicle shapes whilst getting them clean and back on the road as quickly as possible.

There are three main types of drivethrough system:

  1. De-muck
    Great for knocking mud off log trucks and other off-highway vehicles
    These have been a specialty of ours with many succesfully completed de-muck projects
  2. Touchless Truck Wash
    Similar in appearance to the de-muck system, this adds two stage detergent application, higher pressure moving jets and more intensive water clarification.
  3. Hybrid Truck Wash
    Similar to a touchless truck wash system, hybrids add brushes for additional levels of surface clean.

Important hardware includes:

  • Laminating nozzles
  • Anti turbulent pipework
  • Cyclonic water recycling units
  • Moving high pressure jets (never static)
Touchless Truck Wash


Something of a speciality of ours, these de-muck systems are focussed on removing mud and heavy grime from off-highway vehicles like log trucks and mine site equipment. These systems frequently remove 500kg of mud off a single truck in just a few minutes.

Many fleets are reaping the rewards of de-mucking their vehicles automatically.

Touchless Truck Wash

Similar in design to the de-muck system, the touchless truck wash system adds higher pressure moving jets, two step detergent application and a higher standard of water clarification. These systems are fast and reliable proving popular with large fleets and commercial truck wash sites.

Hybrid Truck Wash

A hybrid truck wash has a lot in common with a touchless truck wash system (see above) except that it includes the appropriate combination of vertical spinning brushes to get the extra scrubbing factor that brushes afford. This leads to a better overall clean for those who are really picky about vehicle presentation.

A hybrid truck wash is best suited to owners of very large fleets or commercial truck wash operations.

Melbourne Eastlink

The Eastlink Commercial truck wash in Melbourne is a great example of hybrid systems: allowing rapid throughput and doing the ‘heavy lifting’ for onsite staff so they can focus on the details.

Commercial Truck Wash Systems

Truck wash systems make a great commercial business too. Make money while you sleep by installing the machinery to clean customer’s trucks 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

This is exactly how our Eastland Truckwash runs. Reliable gear that is foolproof for customers to use means this is an investment that keeps returning dividends year after year.

Buy quality and cry once – You can probably find systems that have a lower price tag than ours but long term costs are your real challenge when running a truck wash. An InterClean system means your investment costs a lot less next year and the year after and the year after and the year after……..

Commercial Truck Wash Systems

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