Vehicle Disinfection System

This free standing vehicle disinfection system comes as a kitset so it can be easily and reliably installed on your site for control of biological contaminants. Ideal for:

  • Disinfecting vehicles visiting/leaving livestock farms
  • Disease outbreaks or the risk of disease outbreak
  • Emergency response biological control
  • Any contaminant that could be carried on/off your site by vehicles

The system doses selected concentrated chemical and applies it to all vehicles that travel through the arch.

Disinfecting Truck

Kitset, stainless steel design allows the system to be rapidly deployed to any location worldwide and be quickly assembled and operational.

  1. Stainless steel archway
  2. Adjustable chem dosing
  3. Diaphragm nozzles for quick response
  4. 15 amp Single phase power minimizes total cost of deployment (no 3 phase supply needed)
  5. Kit installed above ground
  • Flowrate: 120 lpm
  • Washtime, Ute (5m): 15 seconds
  • Washtime, B Double (26m): 75 seconds
  • Power supply needed: 16 amps single phase
  • Construction: Stainless steel
  • Nozzles: Chemical resistant
  • Compatible Chemicals: Most
  • Concentration rate: Adjustable
  • Daily water consumption = Flowrate (above) X vehicle type (above) X number of vehicles per day
Disinfecting Truck
Kitset Vehicle Disinfection System

Supplied with full assembly instructions, can be installed in one day with two labourers.

Stainless steel construction ensures it is durable, looks great and will handle most chemicals you need to apply through it.

Lowest Lifetime Cost of Ownership

Our kitset vehicle disinfection system is designed to handle the widest range of disinfectants and draws on our experience from delivering over 200 vehicle wash systems.

If you’re interested in minimising overall project costs with a reliable solution, get a quote below

Kitset Vehicle Disinfection
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