Water Recycling Systems

Today’s clean water is tomorrow’s gold. These vehicle wash water recycling systems make a meaningful contribution to reducing freshwater consumption and ensuring there is more to go round. A large chunk of the world’s population go without access to clean drinking water, it is our responsibility to use what we have wisely.

InterClean are the designers of the patented “EQ unit” filter-less water recycling unit. The system uses centrifugal force to remove contaminants in wash water. A highly sought after component in the heavy vehicle wash industry, its clever design means it can remove contaminants from large volumes of water without needing any replaceable media like filters – keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Recycling water isn’t just the right thing to do, it makes economic sense as well. It is worth simply investigating water recycling for your wallet’s sake, if not for the sake of future generations.

Water Recycling Systems
Cyclonic Water Recycling Module

The methodologies that we apply make the most of this precious resource with minimal maintenance and ongoing costs. The goal of the sedimentation process is to deliver clean and optically clear water for every wash.

Manual Wash System Diagram

Reclaim pits, flocculants and filterless particulate extraction make our water recycling systems a hassle-free component of any wash system.

Anyone can supply you with some form of water recycling, the important question to ask is the lifetime cost:

  • What consumables are required?
  • What maintenance is needed?
  • How often will filters block?
  • How reliable is it?
  • What is the design life?

We have optimised all the systems we deal with so that consumables and maintenance costs are minimal. Filters are not used, reliability is industry standard and design life is always 10 years +. If you want minimum lifetime cost on your water recycling system, talk to us.

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Save Your Money And The Planet

If making your business more sustainable, cost effective and efficient is important to you then the capacity to recycle and maximise a precious resource like water is only going to become more important.

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