Washman Titan Wash Systems

Heavy Duty Manual Wash Gear

Washman Titan to clean heavy equipment can easily reduce the cost of washing by over 80%. Various heavy machinery washdown jobs take staff anywhere from 2 to 8 hours, commonly using a lot of fresh water. The Washman design reduces that time to only 10 to 30 minutes and uses 100% recycled water.

The Washman system recycles water using cutting edge patented cyclonic technology and passive methods meaning maintenance is minimal because no filters or other consumables are involved.

Water Recycling Washdown System

The Washman Titan is built with you in mind. It throws lots of water for cleaning even the dirtiest machinery, is made rugged to keep up with your hard work, and it recycles water to minimise costs and environmental impact.

Don’t waste time, money and water washing heavy machinery without the right equipment.

Get a Washman Titan and spend more time getting your work done and less time cleaning up.

Specialist in heavy duty wash systems with over 100 operational wash systems installed Australasia wide.

Three Powerful Functions, One Integrated System

  • High volume stationary wash monitor delivering 760 liters per minutes at 100 PSI knocks of the heavy mud and grime.
  • Big volume flexible firehose runs at 300 liters per minute at 100 PSI and gives flexible high volume cleaning power.
  • High pressure wash lance delivers 38 liters per minute and 1200 PSI gives you the flexible power to clean the details well.
InterClean Washman Titan System

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