The Waiheke Bus Company have invested in a mobile bus wash system. This unit is fully self contained, with an on-board 500l water tank. A 7.5hp Kohler diesel engine powers the hydraulic system which spins the brush, pumps detergent and water as well as driving the whole machine along.

The system allows the team at the Waiheke Bus Company to spend less time washing vehicles, decreases water use and keeps the buses looking good.

The mobile bus wash operator simply does one lap of the vehicle spraying on detergent, then another lap with the brush rotating to clean the surface and rinse all at once. The system is specced to a wash height of 4.5m so is high enough for any road vehicle in New Zealand. This also saves the health and safety issues of staff trying to manually scrub a tall bus. With a built in tilt of up to 15 degrees, the brush can easily scrub the slanted windscreens of modern buses.

Waiheke Bus Being Washed
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You can learn more about these kinds of wash systems here, or give us a call now.

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