SolvX – Gel Based Cleaner For Heavy Grime – 20 Litres

$95.00 Excluding GST

A powerful cleaning gel for heavily soiled, greasy, oily machinery/vehicles


The handy 20l pack of the gel cleaner SolvX (designed for touch-free cleaning of tar, grease, oil, road film, and soot) is great for small workshops and garages.

DO NOT DILUTE. High viscosity gel with no solvent odor sticks to surfaces
that require extended dwell time or are covered with tough to remove oil, tar, grease, or
road film.
Colour: Clear, Yellow Gel
Scent: Mild Scent

  • Gel – sticks to surface
  • Non-Hydrofluoric Acid – Safer to use
  • No solvent odour – No breathing apparatus required
  • Biodegradable
  • Water Soluble – Easy rinsing.
  • Non-Phosphate
NOTE: There are other acid cleaning products on the market which have Hydroflouric Acid in them. This is a dangerous product that we do not stock and we advise our clients to find an alternative to Hydroflouric Acid as its dangers do not justify the benefits.

Case Study:

Getting greasy machinery clean is a pain in the neck. Grease sticks hard, dirties up brushes and just makes a general mess. With SolvX, you can simply spray the gel on, leave it a few or up to twenty minutes, then blast it off. SolvX will have loosened the connection between the greasy contaminants and the vehicle surface allowing most of it to come away, leaving a clean, good looking and easily serviceable machine/vehicle.


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Technical Data:

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