Queensland Rail Train Wash

Transport Wash Systems recently collaborated with other contractors to complete a train wash system for Queensland Rail (Australia).
The system includes:

  • Pre-wet arch
  • Chemical arch
  • Brush system
  • Rinse arch
  • Reverse Osmosis system and rinse

We work with rail companies and their contractors in Australia and New Zealand to achieve the most efficient rail based wash systems possible. The systems we supply and support are designed and manufactured by InterClean Equipment and are the global benchmark in terms of reliability and efficiency.

Train Wash System from Transport Wash Systems

Minute or less wash time

Train wash brushes


Improvement in wash efficiency

Amazing Result

Automated train wash system benefits:

  • Wash quickly

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Contaminants contained

  • Quality wash

  • Great finish – reverse osmosis wash

  • Cost effective

  • Significantly safer

Queensland Rail

With health and safety risks for your employees, vehicle downtime during washing, labour costs, contamination issues with dirty water going where it doesn’t belong and a raft of other issues, can you afford to ignore the benefits that automated train wash systems offer your company?

Join Queensland Rail, KiwiRail and a raft of others in taking advantage of the speed, environmental management and safety that an automated train wash system offers.

Queensland Rail

Time to bring your vehicle maintenance into the 21st century?

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