ZARB Transport Truck Wash

Zarb Transport Truck wash was recently installed by Transport Wash Systems in Mackay, Queensland, Australia.. The new truck wash system includes:

  • Dual Chemical Arches
  • Patented spinner wash system
  • Rear wash arch
  • Compact water recycling system

The system is working well, the trucks are coming out gleaming and the team at ZARB Transport are happy.

It is a truck wash system that was specifically designed to have a minimal footprint (space is a premium for truck operators like Zarbs), maximum water recycling capacity and a top quality touchless clean. These points have all been achieved and Zarb’s Trucks are looking great and representing the brand well, wherever they go.


Zarb Transport Truck Wash

Minute Wash Time

Patented Centri-Spinners

Specialised wash chemicals

Amazing Result

Zarb Transport Truck Wash system is a unique solution with special requirements. It shows that we excel at delivering customised solutions for transport operators who know what they want as well as providing pre-designed package systems to meet the needs of major fleets.

Zarb Road Transport

Time to move your vehicle maintenance into the 21st century?

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