Replacement Wash System Brushes

We directly supply brush sections for heavy vehicle wash systems. These polyethylene heavy vehicle wash bristles are resilient, lasting many thousands of wash cycles.

The brush section design is often wrap-around for quick and easy fitting but we can supply brush sections to meet all kinds of historic brush section designs.

The form at the bottom of the page allows you to put in your replacement wash system brush needs and we can contact you for further clarification if necessary.


Replacement truck wash system brush
Truck Wash Bristles

Gentle Yet Durable

These brush sections are manufactured by Favagrossa, the world leader in wash system brush manufacture. Sections are available to fit many system types and configurations and are easily refitted. 

The polyethylene bristles are perfect for scrubbing heavy vehicles as they create the right amount of friction to remove heavy grime without damaging the the vehicle surface and still remaining durable for thousands of wash cycles.


Truck Wash Brush on shaft

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