1040 Vehicle Wash Solution – 20 Litres

$50.00 Excluding GST

A very cost effective vehicle wash solution that is green in colour, foams nicely when scrubbed and doesn’t leave streaking.



1040 is specially formulated for making heavy vehicles look their best with as little work as possible. It won’t streak and helps your paintwork look bright. In a 20l pack it is an extremely cost effective way to keep your small fleet looking its best.

Strong enough be used both as a low-pressure presoak and for high pressure cleaning. 1040 can be used as a very cost-effective prepping product for tractor/trailers prior to entering the wash bay, or as a detergent in a manual wash operation.
Scent: None
Foaming Ability: Low

  • Non-Hydrofluoric Acid – Safer to use
  • Concentrated – Cost effective, hard working
  • Biodegradable – Acceptable to waste water treatment
  • Titratable – Quickly determine dilution strength
  • Water Soluble – Dilutable and easy rinsing
NOTE: There are other acid cleaning products on the market which have Hydroflouric Acid in them. This is a dangerous product that we do not stock and we advise our clients to find an alternative to Hydroflouric Acid as its dangers do not justify the benefits.



Case Study:

Heavy vehicle owners are saving money on their vehicle washing costs and getting the job done quicker using 1040. The product can also be supplied as an ultra concentrated powder which can then be mixed to create the basic concentrate solution. 80kg of powder mixed with water makes 1000l of concentrated solution.

An extremely cost effective wash solution.

Technical Data:

Asure Quality Approved
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Asure Quality Approval

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1040 MSDS

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