1040 Vehicle Wash Solution – 200 Litres

$369.00 Excluding GST



In this 200l drum you have the means to keep a lot of vehicles clean, very easily. 1040 is specially formulated for making heavy vehicles look their best with as little work as possible. It won’t streak and helps your paintwork look bright.

Simply spray it in, give the vehicle a scrub, then rinse off. 1040 makes heavy vehicle cleaning a breeze.

Scent: None
Foaming Ability: Low

  • Non-Hydrofluoric Acid – Safer to use
  • Concentrated – Cost effective, hard working
  • Biodegradable – Acceptable to waste water treatment
  • Titratable – Quickly determine dilution strength
  • Water Soluble – Dilutable and easy rinsing
NOTE: There are other acid cleaning products on the market which have Hydroflouric Acid in them. This is a dangerous product that we do not stock and we advise our clients to find an alternative to Hydroflouric Acid as its dangers do not justify the benefits.



Case Study:

Simplify your small to medium transport company by handling all your vehicle cleaning needs in one product. Take away the complexity and expense of multiple products and use 1040, the jack of all trades low-cost wash solution.

Technical Data:

Asure Quality Approved
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Asure Quality Approval

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1040 MSDS

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