Citric Ice – Acid Vehicle Wash – 20 Litres

$95.00 Excluding GST

Strong but safe acid cleaner. Works great for fertiliser and cement vehicles.


This handy 20l pack of Citric Ice allows you to try out its great cleaning power. As a strong but safe acid with surfactant technology, Citric Ice is great at removing lime and calcium deposits (alkaline based residue) and makes it much easier to clean fertiliser and cement trucks

A number of touchless vehicle wash systems (trucks, buses and trains) use Citric Ice as part of a two step chemical application process alongside an alkaline cleaner like Britec cleaning vehicles to maximum effect without touching them.

Color: Orange
Scent: Mild – Citrus
Foaming Ability: Moderate to high

  • Non-Hydrofluoric – Safer to use.
  • Titratable – Quickly determine dilution ratios
  • Easy Rinsing – Reduces drying time.
  • Attacks Mineral Soils – Removes tough grime
  • Concentrated/Effective – Excellent removal of soils, oils, road film, and brightener of non-polished
    aluminum surfaces
NOTE: There are other acid cleaning products on the market which have Hydroflouric Acid in them. This is a dangerous product that we do not stock and we advise our clients to find an alternative to Hydroflouric Acid as its dangers do not justify the benefits.

Case Study:

Woodleys Contracting in Geraldine have numerous fertiliser spreading vehicles and a reputation for maintaining them well. They had a fertiliser bin that hadn’t been cleaned in years and was badly marked with residues.

In a situation where other cleaning chemicals had made little to no impact, Citric Ice brought years of fertiliser residues off the bin with minimal effort, allowing Woodleys to put the bin back to work and maintain their visual presence with minimal effort.

Below, see Woodley’s bin before Citric Ice application and after just one application of Citric Ice.

Technical Data:

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Asure Quality Approval

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Citric Ice MSDS

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