Citric Ice – Acid Vehicle Wash – 200 Litres

$1,064.00 Excluding GST

Strong but safe acid cleaner. Works great for fertiliser and cement vehicles.


The 200l drum of Citric Ice is a cost effective way to receive this leading acid cleaner for removing Calcium deposits, lime, fertiliser, cement and other alkaline soiling agents.

Whether used by itself for loosing such deposits or as part of a two-step chemical application in an automated system, Citric Ice is a grunty tool in the truck-cleaning repertoire.

Color: Orange
Scent: Mild – Citrus
Foaming Ability: Moderate to high

  • Non-Hydrofluoric – Safer to use.
  • Titratable – Quickly determine dilution ratios
  • Easy Rinsing – Reduces drying time.
  • Attacks Mineral Soils – Removes tough grime
  • Concentrated/Effective – Excellent removal of soils, oils, road film, and brightener of non-polished
    aluminum surfaces
NOTE: There are other acid cleaning products on the market which have Hydroflouric Acid in them. This is a dangerous product that we do not stock and we advise our clients to find an alternative to Hydroflouric Acid as its dangers do not justify the benefits.

Case Study:

Eastland Truckwash is a commercial truckwash in Gisborne that washes up to 200 trucks per week. As vehicles enter the automated washbay, they are sprayed with Citric Ice to stabilise their pH and prepare them for the application of Britec, the leading alkaline vehicle cleaner. Together, the two wash solutions do an excellent job of loosening grime for touchless wash systems.

Below, see a fuel tanker having Citric Ice, then Britec applied before passing through the automated truckwash bay in Gisborne

Technical Data:

Asure Quality Approved
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Asure Quality Approval

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Citric Ice MSDS

Additional information

Weight 210 kg
Dimensions 90 × 60 × 60 cm
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