EasyWash Single Brush Systems

These single brush wash systems save yard space, staff time, money and water by using the gentle friction of a brush to do the cleaning rather than the flow of a pressure washer. Wash a truck or bus in six minutes and get the vehicle back earning money, faster.

The machine saves a lot of staff time and helps keep the trucks looking good. Transport Wash Systems have ensured it works well and that we’re happy with the result.

Paul Righton

Ellesmere Transport

Easy Wash 500

The Easy Wash 500 are single brush systems that provide full mobility for flexible washing of buses and flat-sided trucks within limited spaces. With a steering drawbar and variable speed hydraulic drive wheel, the EasyWash 500 is easy to manoeuvre and control.

Give yourself the ability to wash a bus or truck unit in just six minutes the potential savings are huge in terms of vehicle downtime, staff time, and water. With just 40% of the water requirements compared to a pressure washing system.


  • 7.5 HP Kohler Diesel Powered
  • 6.5 HP Honda Petrol Powered
  • 24 Volt Electric Battery Powered
  • Operated from the ground
  • Standing onboard
  • Seated onboard
  • 4.1m, 4.5m or 4.9m wash height
  • Polyethylene or Carlite brush
  • Finance available
  • Support contracts

Save time, money and water



Its lifted the profile of the whole fleet

Andrew Havill

Aratuna Freighters

EasyWash 50E

An extremely cost effective solution for washing trucks and buses, the 50E is simple yet robust. An ideal solution if you have a covered washbay (supply hose and cables attached to ceiling mounted festoon).


  • Two rear wheels tilt meaning brush always fits vehicle surface
  • Electrically driven brush
  • Simple design
  • Overhead festoon rail available to manage connections


The 50E single brush has proven to be an efficient and reliable way to wash our buses. The support from Transport Wash Systems, particularly the willingness to provide operator training, has added considerably to the overall value proposition and we’re really happy with the result.

Bernard Pavlovich

Director, Pavlovich Coachlines

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