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Contact Transport Wash Systems in Australia

Call Now: 0435 936 455

20 Jones Road,
Carina Heights,
QLD 4152

ABN: 31 167 867 647


Contact Transport Wash Systems in New Zealand

Call Now: 027 30 39 030

2 Belgium Terrace,
Gisborne 4010,
New Zealand


Our Team

We’re proud of our enthusiastic team


Marketing and communications – Responsible for our eye-catching marketing material

Special Talent: Great graphic design


Founder, hands on director, leads the company with a practical approach

Special Talent: Making up new words for everyday things


A qualified Architect, Pamella contributes her skills to system design

Special Talent: Encouraging the rest of us to eat healthier


In-house engineer; a thoughtful approach to executing great wash systems

Special Talent: Putting up with the rest of us


Project management and compliance

Special Talent: Trailers


Technical sales and support

Special Talent: Walking the fine line between blonde and ginger


Handles accounts and admin so the rest of us can build great wash systems!

Special Talent: Hunting down late payers


Site and project manager

Special Talent: Getting grease in his eyebrows

Transport Wash Systems Australia

Contact Transport Wash Systems in Australia

Darren Kirkpatrick,
20 Jones Road,
Carina Heights,
QLD 4152

ABN: 31 167 867 647

ACN: 167 867 647

Phone: +61 (07) 3395 3150

Mobile: +61 0408 918 620

Transport Wash Systems New Zealand (North Island)

Contact Transport Wash Systems in New Zealand

Bruce Hall,
2 Belgium Terrace,
New Zealand 4010

Phone: +64 (0)6 867 8161

Mobile: +64 (0)21 60 57 60

Transport Wash Systems NSW

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